Pressure Washing Tips

Your House’s cleanliness depends on how you clean a house. Cleaning up the house ensures life is looking clean and hygienic. If we approach the cleaning process with a positive attitude, it can become an enjoyable activity. There are various cleaning techniques but pressure washing has been accepted as simple and effective. It is best to perform a practice run first before you actually start washing with a pressure washer. Get used to the wand, and choose the most effective spray. Many seasoned contractors would consider using both hands to prevent exhaustion. Have a peek at a compilation of worker laundry tips and advice.

  1. Using the Wand-Knowing the Spraying Water Position To be able to control the water, the wand should always be pointing downwards at most occasions. When cleaning under the soffits it will be necessary to point it upwards. As a basic washing rule-water should not be targeted at any gaps or cracks. The soffit vents should not allow water to go up either. The shingles should also be protected, as the water pressure can misplace and move them.
  2. Connecting the pressure washer The pressure washer should be attached to the garden’s outside faucet using an ordinary garden hose. The nozzle should be firmly attached, and it should bring the engine into ignition. Wearing goggles will shield the eyes from dropping paint and debris. To stop getting soaked a waterproof jacket should be picked.
  3. Practice Cleaning With a Pressure Washer Initially, the washer should be used in a low area. The wand should be held in two hands, and moved at a steady pace from side to side. Start by cleaning the siding from a distance of 2-3 ft. and then keep moving closer until an optimum distance is set. In general, the wand spray should be directed to a horizontal or slightly downward angle to prevent water from entering the siding.
  4. Cleaning direction Start from the bottom when cleaning walls, and continue to move upwards. There should also be cleaning of the gutters, sidings and soffits. Objects such as walls, lamps, and door frames should not be within the spray’s direct force. Even though a pressure washer absorbs any loose paint, it can not be used exclusively for color scrapping.
  5. Important Tips If the wand is kept too tight to one position for too long, it can ruin the wood’s grain and can remove paint too quickly. Upon cleaning, the shutters should be cleaned and inspected for any water that may have leaked underneath. Areas beyond a pressure washer’s control can be washed with the help of a nylon bristle brush. There should never be pressure wash when standing on a ladder.